Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) in Northern California's Klamath Mountains

Klamath whitebarks
  1. Box Camp Mountain (Marble Mountains) - click for blog post from 2011

  2. Boulder Peak (Marble Mountains)

  3. Salmon Mountains (Russian Wilderness) - coming soon

  4. Trinity Alps Wilderness - Mount Hilton

  5. Scott-Trinity Mountains

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Boulder Peak

This area, in the northeast corner of the Marble Mountain Wilderness, holds the most extensive stands of whitebark pine in the Klamath Mountains. Overall, the populations are healthy though varied levels of white pine blister rust infestation and mountain pine beetle attack were detected. I hope to return and map the full extent of these tree in the fall of 2013.

Upper Wright Lake
A forest composed of whitebark pine, foxtail pine, mountain hemlock and Shasta fir.

Upper Wright Lake
Just right of center, branch flagging from white pine blister rust is evident--near the shore of Upper Wright Lake.

Mountain Pine Beetle mortality
Recent mortality from a mountain pine beetle attack.

Trinity Alps Wilderness - the view from Mount Hilton

Mount Hilton is one of the highest peaks in the Trinity Alps, and entire Klamath Mountians for that matter. It is composed of glacially carved granite with limited soil for plants to grow. Whitepine Blister Rust was present in low frequency (~5%) and no Mountain Pine Beetles were detected.

Whitebark on Mount Hilton
Whitebark are scattered with individuals pioneering spatially-restricted microsites formed by cracks in the boulder piles.


View from Mount Hilton
A view from near the summit of Mount Hilton - along the spine of the high Trinity Alps. Notice the scattered whitebark pine along the ridgeline.


WHitebark and the Trinity Alps Wilderness
A view, past a whitebark pine, into the distant Trinity Alps and beyond.

Scott-Trinity Mountains - South China Mountain

South China Mountain
Serpentine soils mix and meet gabbro near the summit of South China Mountain. The south face near the summit is witnessing high mortality in both whitebark and foxtail pine due to mountain pine beetle attack. The north face is providing new habitat, due to decreased snowpack, for new seedlings of these species to grow anew.


South China Mountain
Near the summit of South China Mountain, there is branch flagging (left) in a whitebark pine and mortality (right) from mountain pine beetle in several foxtail pines.


whitebark pine in northern California - home