The 65 conifers* along the Pacific Slope

   *Each conifer listed below has a color plate and range map in the book 

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 Arizona-like cypresses
   	Cupressus montana - Sierra San Pedro Martir cypress
   	Cupressus nevadensis - Piute cypress
   	Cupressus revealiana - Rincon cypress
 	Cupressus stephensonii - Cuyamaca cypress
 Other Southwest cypresses
   	Cupressus guadelupensis - Guadelupe Island cypress
 	Cupressus forbesii - Tecate cypress
 California coastal cypresses
   	Cupressus abramsiana - Santa Cruz cypress
  	Cupressus goveniana - Gowen cypress
   	Cupressus macrocarpa - Monterey cypress
   	Cupressus pygmaea - Mendocino cypress

 Northern California interior cypresses
   	Cupressus bakeri - Baker cypress
 	Cupressus macnabiana - McNab cypress
   	Cupressus sargentii - Sargent cypress
 The “cedars”
   	Callitropsis nootkatensis - Alaska-yellow cedar
   	Calocedrus decurrens - incense-cedar 
   	Chamaecyparis lawsoniana - Port Orford-cedar
   	Thuja plicata - western redcedar
 Redwood and Sequoia
   	Sequoia sempervirens - redwood
   	Sequoiadendron giganteum - giant sequoia
  	Juniperus californica - California juniper
   	Juniperus communis - common juniper
   	Juniperus grandis - Sierra juniper
   	Juniperus occidentalis - western juniper
   	Juniperus osteosperma - Utah juniper
   	Juniperus maritima - seaside juniper
   	Juniperus scopulorum - Rocky Mountain juniper


   	Abies amabilis - Pacific silver fir 
   	Abies bracteata - bristlecone fir
   	Abies concolor var. concolor - Rocky Mtn. white fir
   	Abies concolor var. lowiana - Sierra Nevada white fir
   	Abies grandis - grand fir
   	Abies lasiocarpa - subalpine fir
   	Abies magnifica - red fir
   	Abies procera - noble fir
   	Abies x shastensis - Shasta fir
   	Larix lyallii - subalpine larch
   	Larix occidentalis - western larch
   	Picea breweriana - Brewer spruce
   	Picea engelmannii - Engelmann spruce
   	Picea sitchensis - Sitka spruce
   • Pinyon pines
   	Pinus edulis - Colorado pinyon pine
   	Pinus monophylla - singleleaf pinyon pine
   	Pinus quadrifolia - Parry pine
   • Pines of the section Balfourianae
   	Pinus balfouriana ssp. balfouriana - Klamath foxtail pine
   	Pinus balfouriana ssp. austrina - Sierra foxtail pine
   	Pinus longaeva - bristlecone pine
   • Strobus-like pines
   	Pinus albicaulis - whitebark pine
   	Pinus flexilis - limber pine 
   	Pinus lambertiana - sugar pine 
   	Pinus monticola - western white pine
   • Ponderosa-like pines
	Pinus coulteri - Coulter pine
   	Pinus jeffreyi - Jeffrey pine
   	Pinus ponderosa - ponderosa pine
   	Pinus sabiniana - ghost pine
   	Pinus torreyana - Torrey pine
   • Closed-cone pines
   	Pinus radiata - Monterey pine
   	Pinus attenuata - knobcone pine
   	Pinus muricata - bishop pine
   • Lodgepole pines
  	Pinus contorta ssp. contorta - beach pine
   	Pinus contorta ssp. latifolia - Sierra lodgepole pine
   	Pinus contorta ssp. murrayana - lodgepole pine 
   	Pseudotsuga macrocarpa - bigcone Douglas-fir
	Pseudotsuga menziesii - Douglas-fir
   	Tsuga heterophylla - western hemlock 
   	Tsuga mertensiana - mountain hemlock 


	Taxus brevifolia - Pacific yew
   	Torreya californica - California nutme

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